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Forget Resume- Focus on Online Profile

Yes, Day’s of maintaining or creating a best resumes are over since there is nothing called best resume, what matter is that how you show desired skill for the job. Today we have something called live profile which keeps changing … Read More

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Cloud Technology Jobs- way to go!

Looking at the success of Cloud Computing in recent years i would say it has managed to take a shape and form which in many ways governing the entire IT landscape, Few years earlier when VMWare of the world ruled … Read More

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Think twice before you pay Naukri for your resume preparation!

Does it really pay you back to get your resume prepared by so called experts from Naukri, Shine? Trust me it pays more value to do it yourself rather than relying on someone else. The Plight of Professionals: I recall … Read More

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Is it safe to work in IT Captives in India?

Before we get into the matter lets understand what India Development center and how it operates for an IT organization of a company. In general what we see is that companies give work to Indian IT services companies and these … Read More

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Why manual testing jobs are not in demand anymore?

Software Testing job is not the same anymore there is a decline in demand for Testers and more so for manual testers. Even if there is a demand most preferred candidates are those who have Automation with DevOps as a … Read More

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Job Offer

How to evaluate a job offer?

Every time we get a job offer don’t we feel blessed, accomplished, positive and happy towards life? … Read More

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Why IT jobs are not hot anymore among Millenials?

Its a reality that millenials don’t consider IT jobs as hot as it used to be some 15 years ago. In fact you would notice not many of them considering engineering education these days? Usually we associate hotness in a … Read More

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future skills

FutureSkills: NASSCOM’s gift to IT professionals

First time NASSCOM like Organisation has comeup with some solution for Indian IT Industry and its is futuristic. … Read More

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Age of Gig Economy has begun!

Age of Freelancing or Gig Economy has begun and in full swing. Gig Economy is about contract labor. Oxford meaning: “A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs”. It is … Read More

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