A Mentor can Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich outcomes by constant engagement with a mentor. It tends to focus on the future and broader skills for personal or career development of the mentee. Our idea of Mentoring is to engage our Industry Experts with Professional who are unclear of their approach towards career or life.

Get Expert Advice to achieve your goal

Through the mentorship program, the mentee gets an opportunity to speak his/her mind out in front of mentor. The mentor in turn guide & direct them to choose the best career path.

Getting feedback & constructive criticism

Mentees get monthly performance feedback basis on the task given by the corporate mentors. Such feedback helps them contour their goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns.

Developing strength & overcoming weakness

As the session progresses the mentor identifies the strength and weakness of the mentee and provide specific tasks to overcome their fragility.

Enhancing self-esteem & confidence

Continuous mentoring sessions, assessment & assignments boost the self- esteem and confidence of the mentee.

The session I had with Ani went very well. It helped me clear all my doubts and confusions. I must say it was very useful to me for identifying my strengths. I feel more focused now. Would definitely recommend this.
Zeba Shaikh
Thanks Ani for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness. Inspiring...
Sameer Sawant
Ex- Manager, Export-Import
I have been concerned about my career and my technology area in perticular, Amit helped with his insight about Industry trends and holistic approach to take are of my career. His knowledge about career and decision making is great.
Niitin Bisaria
DW Project Manager

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