Opting for a Govt job to an IT job makes lot of sense for young aspirants even in this Digital era because the parameters of a good job (Handsome salary, job Safety, Security, Exposure and Social recognition) have not changed. The era of Hyped IT jobs was over long back with 2009 subprime slowdown when many people lost their jobs, IT industry sent out clear signals to many that its no more a fancy industry with Onsite roles, fat packages, and lots perks. The problem of the workforce in the industry is far more grave that by 2020 about half a million jobs will be wiped out in Bangalore itself. I would like to highlight below few burning issues in the sector to help our young aspirants take a fresh look.

No more Mass Recruitment in IT sector:

IT Industry has enjoyed the time when thousands of freshers used to get selected in one single company from colleges across India. No more the situation, targeted hiring started with lesser numbers. Two things to consider here: 1- World moved on from outsourcing model to value model where niche skills (digital, analytics, cloud, AI-ML, Security, DevOps etc) became the mainstream skills over traditional skill like C++, Java, Mainframe, Testing. 2- Another arm of IT was ITES industry(call centers) which used to hire in thousands. About 10-12 years ago it was shifted from India to other locations with location and language advantage was more than India.

Introduction of 7th Pay commission in Govt Sector:

This is the greatest of all leveler where salaries of govt employee’s shot up exponentially including their pensions. Now a peon of a BSNL would be earning more than a fresh graduate Engineer in IT sector. Although there are about 200 k jobs vacant in govt sector I agree that whatever is available are worth considering.

On-Site Myth in IT:

Myth is that everyone gets a chance to work in overseas locations of their choice. I have met people who left Space Scientist job in ISRO and joined software companies – because their friends were posted in onsite locations and these people felt were dumped in India. This one is really has changed a lot, locals are preferred over expatriates, Deals have lower onsite roles as compared to an earlier case where every other person used to travel. Nowadays training and meetings take place over WebEx, other countries like SriLanka, Bangladesh, Romania offers better ROI for companies, more and more work happens from offshore locations.

Job Satisfaction:

Although it is purely a personal call if you look at people in the IT industry they talk the same, they are not satisfied and contained. We say that the IT industry employs best of the talent pool available in India but this also is a truth that the IT industry kills the talent at large. People slog hours in their offices even at home, personal lives are screwed up and if there is an appraisal the stress flows from office to personal lives of all.

Job Security:

IT industry has seen two big downfalls in 2001 and 2009 and now again with digital technology everywhere people are losing jobs, Some experts have predicted that around 500k jobs will be lost in Bangalore itself due to Digital Disruptions and new jobs taking over old ones. On the other hand govt jobs have started doing well some 10 years ago and now they are far far better than any IT jobs, The work is competitive, rewarding and secure.

Worst living conditions across IT cities in India:

We all know that IT industry is majorly exist in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad & Delhi, I hail from Bhopal(#2 clean city) & live in Bangalore. I can say that IT engineers live in substandard conditions across these cities whether it belongs to your work, stay, kids education, health & safety or social justice to migrant workforce the IT population would just be seen struggling. If you are a Govt employee you get a house, the school for kids, free commute to the office, TA/DA and most importantly Respect – what else do you need?

Marrying a software Engineer is not advised:

I remember interacting with parents some 11 years ago who did not prefer an IT engineer to marry their daughter and even today i hear about parents who do have the same strong opinion. Irrespective of his education, income, status or onsite role It engineers face some protest. Although parents do want their kids to get married to a successful spouse, travel to a different place and earn good money but they do not want these at the cost of happiness, availability, contained life, satisfaction, and marital quality. They would prefer a govt employee over an IT Engineer anytime any day.

Health Issues:

Actually speaking IT sector has generated more patients than the healthy workforce as compared to the Govt sector. Even though IT engineers have good pay packages and only 5 days of work the stress is equally comparable to other strenuous jobs. Body pain, Calcium deficiency, , Vitamin loss, Anxiety, High BP, Stomach issue, skin issues, and Migraine are common serious issues IT professionals are dealing today. If you compare sick leaves in Govt sector and IT sector you would know huge disparity exist.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that IT has penetrated in each and every sector and expanded its possibility, IT professionals setup most innovative startups of this country and still have best of the talent in the Job Market. They deserve proper attention from Policymakers as well as industry leaders to continue serving in this fast-paced global environment.

Disclaimer: My intention here is to highlight the issues so that we can discuss and think about them in open. This article is a detailed version of the answer i wrote on Quora with more than 100 upvotes & 20k+ views, hope this was helpful

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