Getting a job call from a recruiter is what we need when we create a profile online with Naukri or Shine like portals. The task becomes very difficult when job consultants do not pick your profile and we end up guessing what’s wrong with my profile?

Consider few facts:

1- Portals like Naukri, Monster serve thousands of corporate customers and have millions of jobs posted every day.

2- Millions of jobs are posted on these websites, job recruiters create the job and search for right candidate on these portals else they would be managing their own database.

3- Thousands of candidates apply for one single job and recruiter has to short list only handful of candidates for interviews.

4- Portals have become more of a keyword and analytics heavy databases, a job is created with multiple keywords and good no analytical tools suggest the right kind of candidates they should look for.

5- Process of shortlisting required no of candidate is sometimes lengthy and is scrapped in between So what can we do about to get us selected for desire job?

One principle: In this competitive world the person responsible to shortlist your profile from these databases is your client and you have to reach upto him as soon as possible.

Here is what you should be considering when you plan to apply either through consultants or job portals:

1- Keep your profile Active:

You need to keep it active, wondering how? Well login atleast once in a week and do some changes and save the profile.

2-Keep your profile Keyword heavy:

Some of the keyword specific to your profile would really help for example:

– if you are an MBA graduate then keywords could be “Management”, “Business Development”, “Customer Interaction”, “Marketing”, “Campaign Management” etc

– If you are a Project Manager then “PMP”, “Project Management”, “Efforts”, “Reporting”, “Resource Management” etc

3-Keep it structured:

Your profile whether it is hosted online or in a document format it needs to be structured so that other person can get the information about you easily. Read about how to create a useful and winning resume.

4- Keep it simple but convey most important info:

One should always mention majority of things which describes about you but selection of words matters, like this small article if you are unable to get the idea I wish to share then whole purpose of sharing my experience is waste about that point. Think of it.

5- Keep it relevant:

It is very important that one not only keep his/her profile/resume fresh with current information but it is also important that you seriously study other similar profiles, this is nothing wrong, we all have different qualities and capabilities but someone can highlight a quality better than other, that way you are refining your profile nothing else.

Keeping the recruiter in mind will always enable you to make your profile relevant, up to date and most importantly searchable by key recruiters.

Thanks & happy searching

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    Informative article Indeed !!

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