Does it really pay you back to get your resume prepared by so called experts of these companies? Trust me it pays more value to do it yourself rather than relying on someone else and knowing that profile is a variable and has changing behavior based on time and work you do.

I recall 2010 time when I was trying hard to come out of Accenture and was exploring ways in which I can maximize my result for suitable jobs, I reached out to Naukri and took their premium service and paid about Rs.6000/- what came out was 2 resumes with different looks but same content. Well not to my satisfaction and it was not difficult to understand that my latest resume lacked the metal, the girl from Naukri was just a BA graduate with good English language, with no background on IT related work she prepared my resume; you can imagine how pathetic it was.

And came some news from my dear friends that they also were victims and wasted their money, Recent example being my wife’s uncle(mama) who paid Rs 40,000 to get his resume done from Shine (run by HT), with same complaints and mood he shared his story and I was just thinking how cheated we are on the face of bad quality.

Although I believe someone who is expert in your area of work can really make a difference for you to get a better deal in job market however like above case I would say be careful and if you don’t get any expert hand then you must sit and write- Your resume your Future.

Here are few thoughts I would like to share as to why you should be in driving seat?

  • You maintain your frequency to update your profile as and when you get an opportunity, its straight and simple, since you are going to get a job you know what to put and what not.
  • These agencies conduct interviews where they ask all the questions related to table of contents in a resume and finally add their understanding while preparing your profile, well I would say if you have to provide so much of details to someone who would not deliver quality output why not spare some hours and prepare yourself.
  • If Language is your problem then I guess you would always need someone to help you, but trust me Resume is one activity think about growing up in career and asked to prepare something which requires command in language? Well I would suggest you take some refresher course in this case.
  • It becomes really smooth process to circulate your profile in various channels like linkedin, job groups(DoveJobs), website etc since you can customize your content and most importantly you are confident about it.
  • Time to time we change our roles, teams, responsibilities and locations and trust me that require a fresh work to customised your resume for the job you are interested, for example Rajeev moved from Media presales in IT company to Media delivery project in same company; now this requires a fresh thought as to how important it is to highlight delivery role and presales role.

I hope this helps you take a better decision and make you more focused in Job search which is a serious task and requires serious efforts from resume to searching suitable job, applying for it, preparing for interview and finally considering to join.

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